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You can see it. It’s right there. It’s picture perfect. It’s that wonderful and shiny thing called an idea. Perhaps you have all the details. Maybe you have some of them. There should be a brief, perhaps even a budget. Of course there’s a deadline. And the small issue of shifting what you see into something a little more... tangible. That’s where Stephen Fuller comes in. A highly respected, experienced and versatile illustrator art director and conceptualiser with a bunch of awards and a knack for realisation.

Pick a style – he’ll do it. Pick a medium. No problem. Now wait – while that idea you can see in all its glory comes to life on a page or screen. In reality, it’s even better than you imagined. And that’s Stephen’s craft for you: years of experience of choosing the perfect angle, the right level of detail, the play of the light.

That’s why agencies and corporates around the world seek him out to do so much of their work. He’s reliable, he’s skilled, he’s a team player and he’s been in this business long enough to no longer need an ego. In fact, as Stephen likes to say, there isn’t a piece of client feedback he hasn’t heard – and at least tried to make sense of. So you know he’s on your side and that he’ll stay with the project until the job is accepted. 

Give him a call. Tell him what you’re seeing … Then let him do his magic.